Extra: Letras

The world in which we live is similar to hell/ we can´t walk down the streets the risk is everywhere/ you could ask who is guilty of the situation we´re in/ the answer is still clear the minority we voted for
They don´t care about you! Uh, uh, uh! They don´t care about the truth! Uh, uh, uh! Only care about theirs minds! Uh, uh, uh! All they want is more!
Corruption, desperation, hunger, death and poverty/ People don´t do anything to change this situation/ They burn billions of trees to become a little richer/ The answer is still clear the minority we voted for

I see no reason in these very long songs/ Why don´t these guys try to listen to the Ramones/ Three minutes is more than enough/ For a band to play the classic punk rock
We don´t wanna be pop/ We like to play the punk rock/ We love the Buzzcocks/ It´s the basic rock
Endless solos don´t belong to rock´n´roll/ Open your eyes and shout: Oh Oh Oh/ Stop to headbang with your hair/ Play your song and have nothing to declare
England 77, New York City 76, Vibrators, Ramones/ The punk rock, the simple rock
The basic rock, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

You think you´re someone special/ But you´re nothing, look down and smile/ You´re only a grain of sand/ In a polluted beach oh yeah
Be the happiest guy in the world, but not like this way
I know what I´m saying/ I lived in Plutoflipper´s land/ Health, peace and love everywhere/ The guns shoot water, sometimes Yoo-hoo
Be the happiest guy in the world, but not like this way/Welcome to Plutoflipper´s land/ Happiness is sleeping in your own bed
You have eyes, ears and legs, and you give no values/ Look at the sea, listen to this song/ Give more values to the “silly things”
Be the happiest guy in the world, but not like this way/ Welcome to Plutoflipper´s land
Everybody was smiling, they were happy/ Cartoon and Harmony In My Head…

It´s nice to talk to “cycool” people/ Listening songs that remind romance/ Drinking some cans of three hundred/ Thinking with your eyes in a distance
I don´t wanna hurt anybody/ But my good heart, it has ambition/ And I can´t take a decision/ ´Cause things happen so fast
About tomorrow/ I know that she could not be mine/ But I´m sorry/ I have many doubts

Sometimes I put myself in front of me/ Trying to resolve some things/ That I really can´t accept/ My brain is not a box/ Of those you can put your adress/ And wait for it without worring yourself
I was not born to be fucked/ I know I can´t be in paradise/ Life can´t simply crack like this
Tell me man! Years and years of effort/ Living in a stupid way/ Building a structure with own hands/ And then a finger comes/ And simply presses STOP!/ It´s true, there´s nothing we can do

Another day and I only think of you/ Give me the pleasure of holding you/ Give me the happiness of being by your side/ Your smile drains my brain/ You make me feel alright
You said I was everything for you/ But you can have if you want/ I don´t understand your actions/ Today I can just wait for you/ It´s in your hands!
Sinesthesia had nothing to do with L.S.D./ You´re all that I want/ I´m all what you need/ I don´t forget you, I close my eyes and see your face/ Don´t be afraid, we´re gonna find the way

I keep myself always thinking about you/ I don´t know what to do, without you/ And I don´t mind you don´t care about me/ The time will show that you´re mine
Everywhere I go I see your eyes/ Obscession/ Don´t get outta my mind, or then I´ll die without you
I don´t care about the clothes that you wear/ I don´t care about the places you go to/ I only care about your face and your smile/ I just care about the way you are
I need you tonight (I need you tonight)/ With the way that you are/ I need you tonight (I need you tonight)/ Please open your eyes

Sometimes the life is not so easy and you need to stay living, just trying to be something really better and don´t stay fucking with the people most of them ain´t nasties like you are. In my world you´re a stranger you don´t take part of my life. You appeared certain of my fall, but I´m here taking the bull by the horns. It will be necessary something tragic to happen to you now, get out nasty! With the drugs the trip is short, the illusion world dies when the effect ends up

Baby It´s very cold outside/ I need some more wine/ Everybody´s saying that I am an unsocial guy/ You don´t know what I have done/ But be sure that it´s just fun/ ´Cause I know what I want to and what I don´t want to do
I still have problems that I don´t want to tell/ But I´m OK and I´m feeling very well/ I just don´t want to hang out at night/ I´m feelin´”fell so bad”

I am a happy little kid, I don´t have a car so I don´t skid/ I don´t smoke and I don´t drink/ I use rexona so I don´t stink/ I wear a white t-shirt under my clothes/ I don´t fart nor pick my nose/ I´m a nice guy, I´m polite, I turn the other cheek, I never fight
But I kill the cat, and shoot the posers in the back, raise a weapon for a bad lad,  beat on my neighbour with a bat
I have a bath every day, and you can hear what people say/ I go fishing with my dad, I´m always suck a happy lad/ I don´t go naked to the school, I don´t say fuck, I have a rule/ I go to bed every night at ten, I brush my teeth, I´m so brend

I know some days are easy/ Sometimes your life is not/ The power you have inside of you/ It´s time to use it/ The legs don´t answer the orders of your mind/ Your present, your future/ It only depends on you, just try!
I know you´re feeling bad/ I´m here to help you/ Elaborate the sequence, the thoughts decide for you/ The legs don´t answer the orders of your mind/ Frustation is nothing, for shure you´re gonna win, just try!

This is about a relapsed guy/ Who lived so far away from here/ And one day came to us/ Pretending he was a friend/ But a few days were enough/ We could think and realize/ What a poor-mind-jerk and stupid person he was
Wish you go away, well I wish you go away/ I´ll find a reason, for you not stay/ Oh I wish you go away
She talks about everybody else/ Doesn´t look in a mirror just to see/ And to realize what/ A stupid person she was/ Destiny had built the law/ She met the poor-mind in a joke/ One deserved each other/ Go together away
Wish you go away wish you go away: you two are gonna be OK
Wish you go away wish you go away: it´s the price you have to pay

Hey, hey man please leave me alone/ Get out of this place now, get out of my home/ Oh I, I want you cretin dead/ Don´t come proud or strong and neat/ You filled up my head
I won´t save your soul/ Don´t drive me crazy, out of control, Oh really
Today is the day and you´ll have to pay/ Hey man don´t tell me what can I say/ I only said to you: beware!/ And please go away!/ Your head is rolling in the stairs/ Your brain is flying in the air/ And I really don´t care

We have no equipment/ We have no formation/ But you can understand/ We have only a big influence/ Talent and persistence/ But the fans can understand
The music´s ok when there´s more feelings than solos/ The music´s ok when there´s more melody than solos
Speed and lots of energy/ Oozin and simplicity/ Who likes understands/ If you don´t like just listen/ We respect your inside/ We can understand
The music´s ok when there´s more ideas than solos/ The music´s ok when there´s more oozin´than solos

What are you wondering about?/ Our world is small and our horizon is limited/ Let´s learn being wrong ´cause the world is waiting for me and you
This fuckin´world is waiting for me and you/ And I won´t let it escape from my hands
What are you wondering about?/ “Live you stupid life and don´t make a difference?”/ No!/ “Live fast and die young” ´cause this world is waiting for me and you
This fuckin´world is waiting for me and you/ And I won´t escape from my hands
Let´s get outta here/ Things must be done/ We and the world, face to face/ We´re not in jail/ As so many should be/ Make a difference, find the way!

Don´t keep yourself waiting for everything/ You´ll never win the lottery if you don´t bet/ Pretty blondie girls won´t bring you a chocolate milkshake if you don´t run after them/ Look down, close your mouth, forget about it/ Pizzas and sandwiches don´t fall from the sky, wake up man, you´re in Earth, do it yourself
Don´t trust anybody, do it yourself/ For shure you´re only gonna win with this/ Don´t depend on anybody, do it yourself, these are the rules that lead the world
You´re never gonna get the newest hardcore cd if the only asked for it to a fairy in your dreams/ You´re never gonna play in Tijuana if you don´t move yourself

Cars flying, teletransport, robo waiter, liar detector and new videogames/ I´ll read “how stay alive in the cities”/ What will be in fashion?/ Weekend at the moon?/ Anti-clothes glasses, yeah! See the girls naked, laser ray pistols, lunch pills with flavour/ I´m sorry Mister Cyborg, I need to buy the eternal life pills, bye, bye
It´s utopy, just think ´bout the arrival of the two thousand year, something will change, forever, the Jetson´s Family is a family ok, ´cause it´s a cartoon
There are jerks who swear the world will be over! No, no reveillon two thousand will be simple/ I´ll go to locolive gabba gabba shows hey ho let´s go!

Another waste of precious time/ Give me some reasons to link me to your life
I won´t spend my days inside your stupid prison/ I wanna live my life, man/ I´ll treat you like I always did/ You´re not gonna change me, I warned you, now don´t complain
Give me some reasons to link me/ I know it´s good but I can do it ten years later/ I give a shit to what they think!/ Beer still speaks louder than you do

It´s true, life is gone in a second/ People killing, justice failing, minds travelling/ My projects, my dreams, come back, I´ll try
Seven endless years, everything in my head/ I lived with the good, the bad, the ugly, the cyco/ I didn´t find the answers to all those questions, but if I had found them, the questions would be others/ Justice failed with me then, Justice: Fuck Off!/ Spend seven fucking years at the corridor of death/ And I know I was innocent because in that afternnon I just bought a new pair of sticks
You jerks forget the friends you have around you and give your attention to useless things, this is the price you pay to live here/ Competition, progress, not like this way for me
He was present, pulled me out of that place I learned to trust only in who is worthy/ I have a brother who worries with me/ He´s much more than a brother
More friendship than egoism/ Not only the same blood/ The same lifestyle, the same way of thinking

Dude, You can shout the first 1-2-3-4 Oh Ja! People just have fun/ Everyone´s jumping and stage diving, the mikes are on the floor/ Astonished girls are just looking from far. Sometimes they don´t know what they´re doing here/ Rescue the amplifiers, if you don´t want them in the air!!!/
We don´t want the statue of freedom just looking at us fixed at the ground/ Move yourself get the mike, sing with us this chorus/ Jump, shout, hang on, come up here to the stage, break everything we like your way/ Remember without you this place wouldn´t be agitated, keep the energy in the air!!
Everybody knows each other, meet your friend at the pity, if you want trouble and fight, get away from this slam/ Forget now about your problems, you came here for distraction. You´re part of our family, remember the show is for you!!!!!

Nowadays there are no organic women anymore/Most of them are made of plastic/They have more than one face, they don´t play fair/They´re not made of meat and bones anymore
There are no feelings, there´s only pleasure/Do they live only for this?/They don´t touch theirs bodies/But they get the orgasm/Do they live only for this?
They don´t care ´bout your inside/ They want you pretty/All for them is material/They don´t care ´bout themselves/Only ´bout the others/They have no personality
Plastic Women, Unsensible!/Plastic Women, No fun!/Plastic Women, No women!/Plastic Women, Things!

Early in the morning, I don´t wanna wake up/ I know what is waiting for me/The same routine: wash your face, brush your teeth/Does it have to be me
I´m working, and studying, why always this way/Full of problems, with no solutions/It´s one of this days
My boss is shouting to me/My head´s exploding you see, what will I do/Arrive home at nine, but the studies aren´t fine, you know I´m not two
On Saturdays I go out, let´s drink some beer in China´s Bar/I hear some headbangers saying that the punk rock is dead, I didn´t wanna fight
The nervous days/I don´t want them anymore/The nervous days/I need some holidays

The one you can´t imagine is the worst you can deal with/ Little darling in her house, rotten bitch in the night/ High hells and expensive clothes, the luxury bitches are here to look you. Ignore, my friend, they´re here to fuck with your brain/ But now dirty girl, I´ve got something for you, open your mouth and close your blue eyes/ No, bitch, no, it´s not my dick/ It´s the pipe of my huge 38, what great!/ The body´s on the floor, get her money, it´s her payment! – Exterminate, the luxury bitches!!! Society doesn´t need their entertainment!

This is a friendly song/One you´ve never heard about/Your ears are happy/I makes good to them/And it makes good to you/´Cause you forget your daily life/Get rid of strict, boring, fucking-stupid rules
If a dog is just resting/And somebody steals it´s big bone/If you´re drinking some beer, and somebody kick your big head/We wouldn´t like as the dogs/Wouldn´t like to be disturbed/At least if they had a reason
It´s more than friendly, son/It´s in the corner of your room/Listening to Dreadfull loud in your headphones/We just don´t like to be/Manipulated as we are/This is a message/Keep your heads up
Life goes on…

You leave alone, there´s no reason why/You don´t look like a sanity person/ I don´t know why I´m with you/Maybe it´s the love blindness
But I´m with new eyes for you, beware!/Don´t leave me alone for any silly cause/The funny is that you always come back/You´re with problems and I can help you
You leave ´cause I don´t know the Coke´s formula/You leave ´cause I said hello to the Thursday Night Bikers/You leave ´cause I don´t believe in gnomos/You leave ´cause my favorite songs… Please tell me why!

It´s not my fault if I have a mountain bike/ it´s not my fault if I don´t know why/ it´s not my fault if I hate birthday parties/ and when I go I always get drunk
Why don´t you admit that you love me this way/ Stop this freshness and simply stay/ Explode this barrier, the system had put between us/ But when we´re alone in my home at the stones/ I just can´t believe it´s the same girl I see/ You´re turned into what I always wanted you to be
It´s not my fault if I watch the Simpsons/ It´s not my fault If I love to skate/ it´s not my fault if you wear a rolex/ and I wear my funny shark watch
To be to be to be… system, society, It´s not my fault.
It´s not my fault if I hate your reggae cd´s/ And hardcore is running in my veins/ It´s not my fault if your father doesn´t like me/ it´s not my fault I can´t live without you
Why don´t you admit that you love this way/ Stop with this freshness and simply stay/ Explode this barrier, the system had put between us/ But when we´re alone in my house at the stones/ I just can´t believe it´s the same girl I see/  You´re turned into what I always wanted you to be

Hey hey you, I´m not a nerd/I get drunk and go to shows/I´m afraid of moron bros,/ C.J. fingers, tatooed toes
I play bass for fun, but I don´t think that I´m the one/I only say to you, I´m not a nerd
Hey, hey you I´m not a nerd/I just want to be someone/if I study it´s something mine/You´ll see in future I was right
Fuck you off, I´m not a nerd/Go see my show you´ll be surprised/Get away I´m warning you/I´ll punch your head/ You´ll see stars

Hey hey Dude, call the guys, let´s go out tonight, get your skateboards put them in the car (ok!)/ The night of this city is getting worse and worse, let´s get drunk, forget about this bars
Skate is a wonderful way-out, when there is nothing to do in this city/ look at the bowl, there´s nobody there, prepare your adrenalin
Skate session tonight, I wanna a skate session tonight
Most of us are surfing, just going up and down, sliding on the walls/ This session is walking up the dead people in the huge sematary
Skate is a wonderful way-out, when there is nothing to do in this city/ Now you can go home, and listen to your songs/Dream with this night forever

Hey, hey you, I´ve seen observing you from ages/ The way that you behave simply called my attention/ The way you dress, there´s no reason why/ It seems you´re confused and nothing makes you happy
Tell me: Are you feeling something strange?/ Or maybe you´re planning a revenge/ It seems you´re affected by a mixture of ideas/  I can help you with that
You´re always alone/  Don´t you have some friends?/ There will always be someone who understands your way of thinking/ Stop the madness, never more use drugs/ You don´t need this stuff to be a happy person

Everybody has the right to die/ It´s the only sure thing we have/ You get rid of your desperate life/ Your suffering ends and comes paradise/ See, I´m telling you that/ Because I´m only sure of one thing: Death is not the endIt will be worse to live/ You will suffer more/ There will be much more pain/ If you don´t open this door
Death is a door, between heaven and hell yeah/ Death is an exit, at the end of the tunnel of life
The room which is next to this door/ Is much better than the previous one/ Death can´t be the end/ We need something more

The world is full of people who would die for your ignorance/ Open your eyes and look around/ You´re acting like a maniac, your life is closed to you/ Face the world unless it´s too late
Tell me man! Where do you wanna go?/ Don´t come tomorrow for salvation/ I told you I won´t care/ You don´t have the spirit that we have/ Don´t come tomorrow for salvation/ Then we wouldn´t stand/ You´ll have your chance one day, my friend
We won´t trust you anymore/ Unless you prove your change/ We worry with you and try to help you/ And you only think for yourself/ You have no world/ You don´t ask for help when you need

When god created life he didn´t want to be like this/ People living like a digital watch/ We´re slaves of mechanization/ Get rid of the metronome which is inside your head
We´re completely dependents on digital thoughts/ You must understand/ Everybody will die if we turn off our heads/ You must understand that
We use apparatus to do everything/ To eat, to read, to think, to live/ We use them much more than we use our brains/ I only ask you: Is it worth it?
Digital thoughts/ Pull them out of your socket, baby/ Digital thoughts/ Is it worth it? oh yeah

This place is only in your dreams/ Surfers going to theirs trips/ So many bands to adore/ You catch the girls but you want more/ Beach, girls, rock´n´roll/ That´s the life in California
Los Angeles the fucking gangs/ Bad Religion, melody hardcore bands/ Lakers, Raiders and Clippers/ Circle Jerks at the Roxy
I don´t have money not time to go to California/ I wanna give up this life to go to California
Venice street, Suicidal/ Skate what I wanted to do/ Beach Boys, the sun to rise/ It´s really the paradise

I´m sorry, You´ve nothing to do with this/ You just want funny things and I´m here again/ My doubts in your ears
Music´s been my only shelter/ But you´ve been my only target and so/Only care about the sounds around your head/ all I want is a road to run away/ I´m afraid that my life will go astray/ There´s nothing new to show/ Someone take me out of here, fast!/ I don´t want this feeling to last/ There´s nowhere to go

Won´t you come back?/ Destroying my reality/ I´m giving a chance for you to put me down
I don´t know why/ I think you´re goin´ crazy/ People like you, just have to run awayJustifying what you do, you just have to sniff your glue/ To corrode your poor mentality/ To face people just like you, my t-shirt with lots of “goo”/ Looking down the certain times
I know that you were strong and had your personality/ But now, I´m here, alone and you just run away?
To your past times, my best friends/ To your angry face, our own way/ It´s a shame that you were here think that you´re the best/ Just looked at me and now you´re running away!

Ancient boy used to live better/ No worries with drugs or polution/ His fruit didn´t have harch toxic/ and his cave was always clean City boy doesn´t want to go to the front line/ City boy doesn´t want to hear his brother cry/ City boy is nothing but, nothing but a robot/ City boy gets blind with the videogames
Now we are living like the rats/ Eating shit and sometimes grass/ and things won´t change for good because we don´t know what we are doing
Air polution destroy our lungs/ Infra-red rays destroy our eyes/ Techno music destroy our ears and all of this don´t let us think

Looking for the words to translate my thoughts/ Try to find a melody to forget it/ But the sound is distorted and you can´t understand/ The thoughts escape from my mind
Looking to the things that happen around me/ Oh shit! It makes me so sad/ Such absurdities I´ve never seen/ I can´t contain me and I cry
Fuck off society! I am your enemy now/ Damn reality… No, It´s not for me!
The world is such a strange place to live/ “Geniuses” fucking with it/ I won´tlose my reason and find it ok/ The disgrace that happen around me

I know there are people shouting on the boardwalk/ Fathers, mothers beating their children/ Green forests turning into red/ Plastic women with Many-side-ladsPsycho, Psycho Zone
Psycho, Psycho ZoneLittle heads are calling Mr. Brett/ Joey Ramone is holding his guitar/ Skateboarders sliding in the street/ The Pinhead slam dancing Poison Heart

Somebody help me, somebody please/ You gotta understand what happens to me/My brain is not a separation of ears/But that´s the impression I have
Somebody help me! Somebody please/ Confusion is corroding my values/ Somebody help me! Somebody please/ Desperation is driving me madI always try to face the problems/ Keeping my head in the right place/ My brain is not a mixture of ideas/ But that´s the impression I have
Someboy help me! You still have time/ Before your thoughts stay crazy as mine/ It won´t be fine

Oh! I don´t mind, when the life is so, the life is so hard for me
One day I was, I was so sad and I resolved to walk and to see
I saw two kids playing in the corner talking about fun and games, rich girls and hardcore
Oh! I don´t mind and I don´t care´cause I hope the problems won´t come back
But if they come back give a shit forget the problems, don´t worry

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2 Respostas para “Extra: Letras

  1. eduardo

    Não sei como mas um belo dia me deparei com um mini vinil preto e branco com o nome de pinheads for fun. Foi ai que minha vida mudou! Músicas como PSYCHO ZONE, CALIFORNIA e outras mais desse pequeno vinil me chamaram a atenção na hora. Tinha apenas 14 anos e adorava ouvir as músicas, andava de skate com as músicas na cabeça. Bons tempos…

    um abraço a todos responsáveis pelo Pinheads ter existido!!!

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